Living the Dream

It is truly amazing how life can change when one decides to go toward their dreams with all they’ve got! This is my experience when my partner and I both decided we wanted to do what we love. More than anything, we wanted to be happy in life, as we all know our time here is very precious.
We knew we did not want to go into debt and so tiny house living was very appealing to us. Also, living this way greatly minimizes our carbon footprint on the earth! This charming 280sq ft converted bus showed up and so we had to get it, even if it meant paying off a credit card debt.
The next challenge was finding a place to park it. Being spiritually aware, I asked for the right place to show up and followed my intuition on withdrawing some savings, trusting my feelings.
The next day, a raw piece of land showed up with a price I could easily work with! After a little development, we had our very own place to live.576275_3827058054177_811315998_n
I will never ever doubt the power of prayer again. This to me was a miracle because we both really needed a place of our own to call home, near our favorite place to be – NATURE!
We moved out to the land last April and starting working for ourselves full-time. After I got a taste of working from home, I could never go back. Living out here and doing what we love is a dream come true. I hope we can all do what we love and have the tenacity to follow our dreams! It is all worth to face your fears and just GO FOR IT!!!

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