Two new wraps and a bit of re-work on another.

I made some Ethiopian Opal hoop earrings, a Petroleum Diamond Quartz hoop pendant, and did a little re-worked on a Koroit Opal pendant.

I woke up this morning having been dreaming about needing to get these Ethiopian Opal Bead Hoop Earrings completed.  It seemed I had been in and out of dreams this morning and the continual theme was I needed to get these earrings done.  After a productive day of background biz work, I got to it.  The photos don’t do the opals justice.  Really hard to get the camera to capture the colors.

This phenomenal Koroit Boulder Opal pendant was wrapped a while back.  I set it aside some time ago as I felt it needed some adjustments. Feeling better about it now.

The Petroleum Diamond Quartz hoop pendant is the first pendant I’ve done in this style.  I really like it and the many new earrings in this design.

All these will be posted soon.

Thanks for checking us out!



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