With the flow I go….

Couple more completed.  Listings coming soon. 1) Fairy Opal bead set in Argentium Silver 2) Petroleum Diamond Quartz “Pakimer Diamond” set in Argentium Silver. Thank you all!  Goodnight!  

This just in!

Just created this beauty.  Check it out. Details and buy option here:  http://thanksloveart.com/shop/pendants/ammolite-gem-fossil-hoop-pendant/    

Bright Shiny Objects! Fresh Wraps.

Couple new ones.  Both are using Petroleum Diamond Quartz.  These beauties glow under UV lighting and have moving bubbles within the ancient petroleum fluid.  Crazy cool! Additional details and purchase of items available at the following links: http://thanksloveart.com/shop/pendants/petroleum-diamond-quartz-pendant/ http://thanksloveart.com/shop/uncategorized/fairy-opal-and-petroleum-diamond-quartz-pendant/